Your Wedding Day is one of the most significant days of your life. It is the one day that you dream of from the time you are a child and when it arrives you want to be sure that everything is as close to your special vision as possible. Some brides like to plan every aspect of their day while others do their best to find qualified vendors, discuss their needs and then leave the details up to the professionals. Either way you will invest a lot of time and a great deal of money hoping that your dream turns out the way you want it to. Your Wedding Day will always be etched in everyones mind so no one can blame you if you insist that everything goes the way you want it. At Magical Music our goal is to provide you with a celebration that turns out exactly as you have dreamed. Our goal is to please you. After all this is your big day, not ours. We will meet with you as many times as necessary leading up to your Wedding and we will do everything possible to insure a fun time for all. To create memorable moments for you and your guests we will suggest unique alternatives to the typical wedding experience. We believe that emotion is the key to enjoying any once in a lifetime event and we know just how to get everyone's emotions into high gear. We can do this because we make it our business to know as much about our clients, their families and their guests long before the event. The result is that every Wedding is personalized and special.


Not All Weddings Are The Same.


At Magical Music we realize that many people may want to have a simple yet elegant affair. They would like a Professional Disc Jockey to provide music for ambiance and to entertain their guests but their expectations are not necessarily that of a first time bride or a bride planning a Wedding with an open ended budget where the sky is the limit. If you are getting married a second or third time or if you already have a growing family this may be you. Perhaps you are planning an in house or backyard event or you legitimately have a very small budget to work with. We take pride in offering packages for every type of event. No couple should feel that they have to eliminate music just because of their circumstances or what people may think...We will work with you to gain your confidence and suggest ways we can help to provide music services that will enhance your special day. All you need to do is call us at 631-921-5599 or email us at and we will do what it takes to work out a rate that will enhance your event and provide a fun and memorable time for all. Why wait? Why not call now? What do you have to lose.