What Is A Great DJ Really Worth?

A Professional DJ provides the positive catalyst for your party. Skillfully selected and played music will add the important "feel good" element that helps everyone interact, rekindle relationships faded by time away and form new friendships. Music is relaxing, exciting, romantic, and inspirational. Dancing keeps everyone at your event longer and contributes greatly to the enjoyment of your guests. Your choice of entertainer is an insurance policy against bad memories of a disappointing occasion. Unfortunately, the DJ is often the last service chosen, after much of the budget is spent on a venue, food and clothing. This “backward planning” often forces Brides and Party Planners to shop for the cheapest possible price. Many people will pay far more for a cake, flowers, or a veggie platter than they will for the most crucial ingredient of a party, the entertainment. The DJ you select will be taking on the responsibility of over 80% of the success of your party and often gets paid less than 3% of the total budget (based on the average $25,000.00 Wedding, 3% would equal $750.00), yet if the DJ is a poor performer or worse, doesn't show up, your entire investment is wasted, not just that 3%.Your choice of entertainer can also be thought of as a commodity purchased to “feed” each of your guests. If your dinner buffet costs conservatively just $25.00 per person (with 250 people), you’ll pay $6,250.00 plus tax, and rest assured, the Caterer will add a gratuity (sometimes 18%-25%), so before long you're at $7,800.00! Think about the last wedding you attended. Do you remember what was served?. Most people do not, however they do remember if they had a good time...

Why Magical Music?


* We offer Individual, personal attention to our clients.

* Consultations by phone or in person will be held to go over their questions or concerns to insure a successful event.

* We are available by phone anytime 24/7. If we miss your call we will get back to you within 24 hours.

* Our clients speak with the actual person scheduled to cover their event.

* Our DJ's, MC's and Karaoke Hosts are experienced, hard working and do not do each party the same way.

* With your input we will make your party unique and special.

* We use professional and well maintained equipment. And we carry backup equipment. Well maintained audio equipment rarely malfunctions but just in case we are always prepared.

* Our clients will never see or hear anything inappropriate or distasteful on stage.

* Our shows will never end abruptly. If the client would like to extend the party we will be available for at least one hour extra at a rate agreed to and included in the client contract. If we cannot meet this commitment due to travel or multiple bookings for the day it will be stated and agreed to in writing in our contract.

* We are a registered small business with Suffolk County.

* We carry an aggregate liability insurance policy worth $2,000,000.00

* We are members of A.D.J.A The American Disc Jockey Association.

* We are members of N.A.M.E. The National Association of Mobile Entertainers.

DJ Insurance

It is important, before contracting with any disc jockey service, to see whether they have commercial liability insurance protection. Magical Music does. Can the disc jockey you wish to hire produce a Certificate of Insurance? Magical Music can. Is the insurance policy your prospective disc jockey purchases maintained separately by an independent, third party professional organization? Magical Music's liability insurance policy is maintained by the National Association of Mobile Entertainers. Did you know that some reception venues will not allow a DJ in their doors without proof of a current policy? Be assured that Magical Music has seen to it that he we have a $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy. What does that mean to you? Simply, peace of mind. As a full, dues paying member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers, Magical Music has gone the extra mile regarding general liability insurance in the highly unlikely event that an unfortunate circumstance arises.